Benefits of Becoming an Approved Education Provider

  • Assured of offering training that professionals must acquire for recertification.
  • Organization can market trainings as DCB Approved.
  • Approved education is listed on the DCB website which is the first place professionals seeking recertification are directed for education.
  • Approved education will be searchable on the DCB website by not only organization, topic, region, online or in person training and date.
Distance Learning/Webinar
Innovative Approaches with People Who Are Suicidal: Webinar Series 3/5/20 to 12/3/20 Distance Learning/Webinar 1.00 hrs Various Mad in America, Foundation
Intentional Peer Support and Conversations about Suicide 11/5/20 Distance Learning/Webinar 1.00 hrs Chris Hansen Mad in America, Foundation
The Way Forward: Pathways to Hope, Recovery, and Wellness with Insights from Lived Experience 12/3/20 Distance Learning/Webinar 1.00 hrs Leah Harris Mad in America, Foundation