American Treatment Network, LLC
Dover, DE

We are seeking qualified candidates for the position of Peer Support Specialist. The position has responsibility for providing peer support services, therapeutic interactions designed to promote empowerment, self-determination, understanding, coping skills, and resilience through mentoring and service coordination supports. Peer Support Specialists assist patients with daily living activities, lead patients in educational and recreational activities and to regain control over their own lives and their own recovery process. They deliver direct, individual client care through compassionate peer support.
Assists substance abuse, mental health, and emotionally vulnerable patients, working under direction of the ATN management, while supporting nursing and medical staff
Monitors patient activities providing safety checks throughout shift by completing rounds by the appropriate level of care either electronically or paper rounds
Ensures patients’ safety, interacting therapeutically
Assists with verbal de-escalation as well as Against Advice interventions
Performs admissions including a person's search, heat treatment, and patient belongings search and documentation; also includes processing of drop-offs and mail
Monitors patient activities at all times including groups, recreational activities, free time, fresh air breaks, outings, etc.
Assists with all aspects of visitation program, whether in-person or virtual including greeting, sign-in, orientation, search and belongings processing


High school diploma or equivalent
Certified Peer Support Specialist (preferred)
6 months experience in health and human service, social work or peer support-related field preferred
Ability to work in fast-paced environment
Understands need for and maintains some familiarity with behavior modification or 12-step modality

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