Computer Based Testing (CBT)

Applicants for most of DCB’s credentials will take their exam using a Computer Based Testing (CBT) process.  CBT is an on-demand process allowing a candidate to take their exam at an approved testing site whenever it is convenient for them.  Exams that are available through a CBT process are:  CADC, CAADC, CCS, CPS, and CPRS.  The CPSS exam is paper and pencil based exams available on pre-determined dates in various locations.

CBT affords candidates a timely way in which to complete the certification process.  Candidates can schedule at their convenience and are provided their exam results immediately upon completion of the exam.  In the event of a failed exam, a candidate may retest after a waiting period of 90 days from the date of the failed exam.

Once a candidate applies for a credential and the application is approved, DCB pre-registers the candidate directly with the testing company.  The testing company will then be in direct contact with the candidate to complete the registration process, selection of date, time and location of exam and other related details. 


Special Accommodations Request Form

Form should be completed if you require special accommodations for an exam.

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Study Material

Study material is available for candidates preparing to take the examinations for CADC, CAADC, CCDP, CCS and CPS certifications.  Study material can be found on IC&RC's website.