All Credentials

CADC & CAADC: $150, 40 hours relevant to substance use including 3 hours in ethics

CCDP & CCDPD: $150, 40 hours relevant to co-occurring disorders including 3 hours in ethics

CCS: $150, 6 hours relevant to clinical supervision

CPS: $150, 40 hours relevant to prevention including 3 hours in ethics

CPRS: $100, 20 hours relevant to peer recovery including 6 hours in ethics

CSPS: 20 hours of which 2 hours must be on the Role of the Peer Specialist; 2 hours in Recovery; 3 hours in Ethics/Boundaries; remaining 13 hours should be relative to peer support services and/or supervision of peers; 4 co-supervision meetings are also required during the two year recertification cycle.