Codes of Ethical Conduct

These documents contain the glossary of key terms used in the code, rules of conduct which professionals are required to observe, discussions of selected standards, and the disciplinary procedures that will be followed by DCB in investigating alleged violations of the rules.


Code of Ethics: CADC, CAADC, CCS, CCDP Credentials

Code of Ethics: CPRS, CSPS

Code of Ethics: CPS (Prevention)


DCB regards its Code of Ethical Conduct and ethics process as the single greatest consumer protection measure within the credentialing process.  

DCB is dedicated to the principle that individuals in the substance use field must conform their behavior to the highest standards of ethical practice.  To that end, the DCB has adopted a Code of Ethical Conduct which is applied to all professionals certified by or seeking certification from DCB.  DCB is committed to investigate and sanction those who breach this code.  

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If you are considering filing an ethics complaint against a certified professional or applicant for certification, please review these Guidelines for Filing an Ethics Complaint.

To file an ethical complaint with DCB, please download and complete the Ethical Complaint Form.

If you would like to ask an ethics question, please email DCB at and include a daytime telephone number in the event we need to call you for clarification or additional information regarding your question.