To support and encourage patients to make full use of the recovery service, to achieve abstinence and remain drug and alcohol free. To facilitate delivery of an evidence based 12 step support program to substance misusing patients. To support patients to attend NA / AA meetings. To provide ongoing follow-up, referral if necessary, and reevaluation services based upon the needs of the patient. To work with the multidisciplinary behavioral health team consisting of a behavioral health consultant, consulting psychiatrist, and mental health care coordinator. To utilize technology systems and data effectively to integrate into the primary care practice.

Henrietta Johnson Medical Center
Wilmington, DE

Provide substance abuse services focusing on the treatment, prevention, and awareness of opioid abuse. Establish therapeutic relationships with patients and offer support, information and advice to individuals in relation to substance misuse. Network, establish and maintain working relationships and protocols with other agencies and professionals, in order to ensure that there is raised awareness. Provide support for patients to attend AA/NA meetings. Work to achieve and maximize patient recovery potential. Provide direct patient services by way of group and individual therapy. Deliver a structured therapeutic support program through 12 Step workshops, trainings and other workshops in accordance with timetabled activities.
 Maintain accurate and expedient records of the patient attendance and participation in the group program and any other aspects of care which contribute to the treatment philosophy.
 Ensure timely response to referrals within agreed timescales and proactive monitoring of
 Promote health and healthy lifestyles by providing information and education and training.
 Provide assertive outreach to patients who fail to attend and ensure appropriate engagement
where motivation is an underlying issue.
 Utilize recording and statistical systems to collect and collate data and ensure that all administration, case recording, written reports etc are maintained to agreed standards.
 Ensure all records are accurate and up to date with sharing information as per information
sharing protocol
 Advocate on behalf of patients and support them to resolve any conflicts or concerns regarding any aspect of their treatment package.
 Work with other multidisciplinary behavioral health team and advise on how best to involve patients.
 Operate within any jointly agreed policies, procedures and protocols as well as the organizational requirements.
 Measure, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of services, taking account of both quality
and quantity, and produce reports as appropriate.
 Collaborate effectively with partner agencies and bring a proactive approach to partnership
 Meeting with family members and provide guidance and support.
 Conduct outreach programs and refer patients to other resources such as job placement and housing.
 Attend staff meetings and other meeting as required.
 Perform general administrative/office duties as required, including but not limited to copying and filing documents, preparing, documents, answering phone, faxing information, entering data, maintaining office cleanliness, etc.
 Fill out and maintain client-related paperwork, including federal- and state-mandated forms.
 Provide crisis intervention, emotional support, resources and referrals as needed.
Harm Reduction - Work within the team to reduce drug-related deaths and blood-borne virus infections, with wider goals of preventing drug misuse, encouraging stabilization in treatment, and support for abstinence. This will include delivery of overdose prevention training.


Position Requirements
Qualification: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactory.
• Graduation from an accredited university with a background in science, including a BA or BS in Behavior Science, with an emphasis in Alcohol & Drug Abuse Studies or Addiction Counseling
• Certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling, Addiction Counseling or Drug & Alcohol Abuse Studies
• Experience understanding various evidence-based models and theories pertaining to motivational interviewing, stage-wise approach to treatment of substance abuse and serious mental illness
HIPAA Statement:
The incumbent will have access to the patient records. Professional and confidentiality must be maintained at all times.
This is an exempt position and the incumbent will be expected to work a minimal of 40 hours a week including some evenings.

Contact Info

Beverly Wilkinson
Human Resources Coordinator
601 New Castle Avenue
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 655-6187 ext. 232
Fax: (302) 655-6606