The Delaware Certification Board is an organization which offers voluntary state-level credentialing to alcohol and other drug abuse professionals.  The Board, compromised of certified professionals throughout the state, implements standards and testing for certification of addiction professionals.

Mission Statement

DCB is a private, non-profit corporation that establishes, safeguards, and monitors certification standards for professionals in the substance abuse and other behavioral health fields.  It advocates for quality, comprehensive substance abuse and other behavioral health services in Delaware and on an international level. 

DCB shall pursue this mission by: 

  • Developing standards and credentialing processes; 
  • Maintaining ethical standards and procedures for consumer protection; 
  • Lobbying, advocating, and representing to governmental groups; 
  • Providing curricula and standards for training and education; 
  • Offering other services to providers and professionals.

Purposes of Certification

For the Patient/Client  

To assure competent professional services to the client; to improve quality of service being provided to the client and family members.

For the Public

To assure professional competency which will meet standards required for licensing, accreditation, and third-party payers.

For the Certified Professional

To provide a respected, marketable credential of professional competency; to enhance the role of the professional.

For the Profession

To provide a method whereby the highest professional standards can be established, maintained and updated.

Why Become Certified?

  • Certification marks the professionals who are specialists in the field.
  • Certified professionals are recognized in the Federal Department of Transportation regulations for providing assessments and the DE Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor requirements.
  • Certification increases professionalism of the field.
  • Employers use the credential as a basis for hiring and advancement.
  • Many employers are requesting or requiring certification upon employment.
  • Freedom to move to another state within the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium and automatically be granted the state's credential/license.  Click here for additional details for reciprocity.
  • Recourse for the client who may have been treated incompetently or unethically by a certified professional.

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